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What you REALLY want to see in MTA or GTA4


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After locking a topic that ended up turning into a weird joke of what should be in mta. Here you can post what you want to see in mta or gta4, wether its possible or not, be serious, wacky, but not rude or vulgar :twisted: .

I propose that all buildings in mta - not matter if they are actually needed in the game for a misison, are destroyable. Can't do that final mission in gta4? - then you shouldnt have hit the main supporting beam with your rocket launcher now should you! =P

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well if we doin just crazy requests, lets see. a jet pack would be pretty cool to have in the game. since they have a cheat for hover vehicles, why not have those in the game. :D would be kinda cool to be able to drive over land and sea. maybe have a small, one man sub in the game for some deep sea exploration. maybe arm it with some torpedoes. oh, jet skies would be pretty fly also. have them like motocycles so that you can shoot from the front. well those are some of my crazy ideas.

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you made a joke of me, i say back on topic, and you end up spamming it to hell - thanks =P

thanks to slothman for this idea - the rotors on the heli/plane should be able to slice peds if you get low enough =)

or even cars in an apache =p - the ginzu heli.

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I think that you can cut people up with the rotors on the helicopter. pretty sure you can. I know that you can with the rc helicopter. another cool thing would be able to wield dual pistols, mp5, tech-9, and uzi. well, at least dual pistols. I think that they should have what they had in previous GTA games with the front mounted machineguns. that would kick ass! :twisted:

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dual pistols and uzis would be a great idea, but only with selected low-level weapons and you wouldnt be able to run/walk as fast,and you would have increased accuracy.

my idea, being able to shoot on the ground at all times - so you can jump and shoot, crouch move and shoot and the likes. Maybe make the aiming as accurate as an fps. also, maybe being able to walk a little while aiming with the RMB.

an fps view would be cool as well.

front mounted machine guns - not a fan of them, as its not all too realistic, and we can drive-by etc already.

also - the one thing i really wish gta would allow is for you to replay missions once you have finished the set, or completed the game 100%Even if it costs you $$$ to do so i would replay some missions.

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being able to shoot around corners and shooting from behind a desk or crate with just your guns firing over it would be pretty cool. hmm, in MP mode, the characters name would be displayed on them so you know who it is. oh, water skie. someone could be driving a boat and two guys off the back with water skies. the guys could be armed with like mp5s and be able to target other boat drivers. :D

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