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hmm.. think i got a problem.

Guest siranderz

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I downloaded version 0.3 and i was trying it in network with my friend. We got into the roof and selected gang. We had 900 lives, and the mac-10. If wasn't pepole on the streets and it wasn't so much to do.. is anything wrong? i am now downloading 0.3 version, it looks much cooler. Where can i fly thoose f-16 flyes?

(Can i do that on singleplayer on gta 3?)

i am hoping of answers!!

regards Anderz

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well, you're supposed to have 900 health... it's a quick fix that the MTA team had to do. You die at 800 in the game though.

There aren't supposed to be people on the streets.

the F-16s are part of the Real GTA mod... I'm not sure where the site is, just search for Real GTA with google.

It's still quite early in development, and the things you're talking about are being discussed/changed/added. :)

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