General Update (by Cray)

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Things have been progressing well within the mod on the road to beta. As you may have noticed in the change log, there has been a lot of activity coming from a number of developers. This has seen a lot of long standing bugs squashed, and a bit of a morale boost which every team needs now and then.

We have been focused on fixing bugs that affect overall gameplay, such as shooting annoyances and aiming fixes. They have proven extremely difficult to narrow down due to where the errors are occuring, but the guys have been digging deep and stamping out fixes.

A few "nice to have" features did manage to sneak in here and there, mainly because the developers have to take their mind off bug fixing every now and then and work on something interesting. The main focus will remain on the tasks required to complete before beta, do not worry.

The QA Team has been reworking some of the game modes due to recent changes (spawns, etc...), and continuing to polish off a few of the more stable game modes. New development in that space is always occuring, which as a developer is exciting to see. The development team is often amazed at some of the work that the QA Team produces, and it is often above our own expectations. I will try to push one of those guys to post news about some new exciting things in that space.

I am hoping to try and post news a little more often. No promises on when at this stage, but I will try to keep you updated. If you want me to take the news post in a particular route, or focus on a specific topic, please post in the comments section. I will gladly try to elaborate on features, etc...

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This all sounds so great, I kinda hope it won't get released in a while since I'll probably instantly get addicted to it and spend all my free time playing it :D And I have like tests and crap coming up.

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