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I have some suggestions for mta:race,

- In the map editor when you click on the object and change the rotation it should be in degree's so if you want to turn it around the other way it should be 180 and a full turn is 360. But for some reason its 3.14 to turn the whole way and 1.57 to turn the other way.

- More types of weather.

- Increase the frame limiter to 30FPS instead of 25.

- Make it so in spectator mode you can hear the hunter, rustler.. and other planes engine because you can't in the current version (except the hydra).

- You should be able to have a favourite list of servers where you add the ip + port and then you can click favourites and the list of your added favourite servers appears. atm you can only have 1 favourite server.

- In the server browser it should only refresh when you click refresh because if you click back and browse servers it refreshes the list by itself.

Thanks. :redhotevil:

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