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Zombie attack mode

Guest S_Pink_Floyd

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hi everyone, i'm new here. :)

i have a simple idea..why not simulating a Zombie or an alien attack on vice city? zombies will be so much in number, they will attack players on sight, and players have to defend theire selves by gunz, escaping etc etc..

if the zombies just touches one player, he will be waisted. so players have to be really carefull, they have to hide and fight.

i think it's not so difficult to make that mode, are you with me? :D

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Actually, this is one of the things I wanna see the most with MTA :)

Kinda like that game 'left 4 dead' which is a co-op zombie survival game. But, afaik there is no way to get bots to work online because it would take an insane amount of bandwidth (at least according to the sa-mp devs).

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If you want them synced then yes. But with high amounts of them just running around, you don't have to sync them.

That's good to know, peds could be fun even if they are random for each player. But if it was a co-op mod, they would need to be synced, maybe only have about 10 zombies or something? Since it would be hard to use team tactics against zombies that are in different places for each player :S

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i thought about this mode! could be done quite well... but with actual players.

someone is the zombie, (and walks like the drunk person, but faster than normal people)

and he can throw body parts at people and if it hits them they are also a zombie! (the bleeding body parts, there are ID's, like bleeding head, torso, legs and arms) *they are used for combine*

so... the zombie player can throw them and if it hits someone they are turned into a zombie and can do the same... AND zombies cant die... itll be like manhunt... erm.... i think thats good. ESP in SF. not sure if it is possible. but i think its a good idea.

edit; also theres a tied up cop body that could be used in te mode too somehow.. maybe using the dead body parts u cna make a skin? or a ped zombie.

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