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Log in as Admin?

Guest LooieENG


How can I log in as admin to MTAServer0.5 hosted on a Linux server? I have it running perfectly; do I need an MTA:mA??

Also, are MTA RPG script and MTA General release for Linux at all, or just Winblows?


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You need MTA:mA or a similar program/script.. and a script to run on it.. like MTA:mA:GRS. Look in the addons section for more info.

These do not run on linux.. there are some home written programs that do, but none of them have been publically released

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Ah, I figured it out now. Maybe I didn't explain it properly.

The MTAServer is hosted on my dedicated Linux box, but I connect with my Windows PC. I didn't know I had to run ServerAdmin on my Windows PC and then connect using the Admin port, I thought the admin program was on the Linux box, and then you connect with "rcon_login" like on Counter-Strike. My bad.

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