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Patch 1 for MTA0.5

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hi all

i have some problems starting gta-vc.exe with MTA

each time it crashes after the rockstar logos -.-

but im able to play the singleplayer :|


i have read the the FAQ and saw a link for a "Patch 1"

i think this gonna help me with my problems, but i cant download it because of: 404 not found

can somebody send it to me via email? oder upload it?

my mail is ""

PS: can somebody send me a original (american) gta-vc.exe?? because my exe is german and now i wanted to try the american one

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does it come up with a error saying "MTA does not support Version 2?" or something

if you need the patch click here, this will direct you to my filefront

and you can download the VC patch there, if thats not the problem write back.

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I do NOT want to sound like an ass even though I know I am going to sound like one. But you should post here next time!

Hopefully you will forgive me. :D

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patch 1 was just for servers if i remember correctly, something to do with a problem where the admin couldn't stay connected to the server

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