Dark Dragon

eXo|Dragon[Ger]'s MTA Race Map-Pack

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Finally! I've released a pack of nearly all my maps!

All my best maps! Including:


Tower Derby

eXo Pro Race

Drag City


No Risk No Nitro

Dinghy Stunts

Sky Scraper


Rustler Duel


Defend It

Crime Andreas

Run if You want to Live

Welcome to my Crazy World

And many more!

98 Funny, Cool, New maps, that couldn't be found on more than 5 servers before! Hope you'll enjoy them all! All maps are created by me, eXo|Dragon[Ger] (Just "DrA & Bromi - Crazy" were done by Bromi and me :P)

Please don't forget to read the Read-Me-File and please post your comments here!

Please agree with these rules:

-You will not change the names of the maps! (Tags like [Race] or [DD] are okay)

-If i want you to delete my maps from your server you just have to do it! (Think that won't happen)

-You mustn't say that you created the maps!

http://community.mtasa.com/index.php?p= ... ils&id=462

if you need them as .map files for the old race please use this link.

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