Little progress update and a new video

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Changelog monitors were placed on the site a while ago, and as you can see there has been some progress pretty much every day. The length of our top priority bugs list has been decreasing rapidly over the last few weeks as you may have noticed by the many bugfixes in the changelog monitors.

We will be deciding what to do with the less important bugs after we're done with these major ones (which might take a bit, as it takes a little time to reproduce, solve and to verify that a specific bug is really gone). We should be ready to switch to beta stage anytime soon, once all our major bugs are gone.. so be sure to check out our news.

There has been quite some progress in the development of our gamemodes, which is done by a few Quality Assurance members. As a result of that, I've decided to make a video showing some of the gamemodes we currently have, to give you some insight at them. Who knows.. maybe you will find something in this video we hadn't shown or announced earlier :). It's also worth noting that the process of making this video did not affect the development time either, as I'm not a developer (or scripter) myself.

High Quality WMV version (640x480, 29.97fps, WMV9 - 33.1MB)

High Quality Xvid version (640x480, 30fps, xvid - 29.3MB)

Thumbs up for those who are still with us. Hope you will be happy with your reward on the release day.

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