pinco-pallino DD map pack!!!!!

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All map of pinco-pallino!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!And rate it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :arrow: by pinco-palllino :arrowleft:

[1°]"Pinconstein revolution DD vs all DD"this is more famous of my maps!!!!DOWNLOAD:

[2°]"Surfoier DD"this is my more work of map!in this map i work more more time!!!!!!DOWNLOAD:

[3°]"Stuntman DD"this is my first map!!!!!DOWNLOAD:

--------------------------------------------new map public release from next days!!!!!wait it---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

map made by pinco-pallino

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This is not actually map pack, just few maps only.

Also, where is info?

How many spawns, is respawn on etc. etc. This sort of information would be good!

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Yeah, right :oops:

I still can't see is respawn on/off :?:

Also, could you add few more spawns? 16 is not enought.

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