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stuntplane smoke & hydra flares

Guest R-J

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Could it be possible to give the stuntplane different colors of smoke and make the duration of the smoke longer, so you can make shapes and forms in the are, alone or with other people. It would be cool to fly in formation and then make patrons in the air.

Also, could it be possible to give the hydra flares. It is possible in GTASA to let the hydra drop 1 flare at the time, but it would be nice to let the hydra drop a whole row of flares at the same time. That would be more realistic. This of course only makes sence when the hydra gets it lock ability back like in mta 1.0 and of couse to evade patriot missiles easier.

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First of all, anything is possible :P

Changing the color of the stunt's smoke doesn't sound too hard, but we won't be focusing on any new features, large or small, until after a release.

As for the flares, that's already possible through scripting :D

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ye...maybe something like...if ur plane colour is blue u get blue smoke etc...so u could know what smoke u get.

on other side....is it possible to make stuntplane's or cropduster's (maybe this 1 is better) smoke to a weapon? i mean like smoke grenade, grafitti spray, etc....something, when u fly low, above enemies' heads, to poison them.

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