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[SMP] (SanZoR's Map Pack) NOW RELEASED!!!


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Hello everyone!

I released almost ALL my maps here!

My maps are VERY high quality maps, and they are categorized by quality.



1. Spawns: 24-32.

2. Respawn: In DD maps Off, in Race & Stunt maps might be On.



- 56 DD maps (Most of them are high quality)

- 1 Stunt/Fun map

- 8 Race/CnR Maps (Very cool ones!)


Feel free to put my maps to your server! I bet, you will be satisfed!

DOWNLOAD MY MAPS HERE: http://smp.dy.fi

Before you can download it, you need to accept few rules. See rules in that page.

All suggestions, comments and this sort things are very welcomed!!!

-Greetings, San :)

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Late :D

Mitä sä tääl teet? :shock:

Joo, High DD on sun, anteeks, laitoin vahingos :shock:

Otanko pois, vai laitanko nimes sinne?

EDIT: Oops, its english speaking forums.


What you are doing here? :shock:

Yeah, High DD is yours, sorry, i put it by an mistake :shock:

Should i take it off, or put your name there?

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I found my old map, and rebuilted it.

Map name is pWnZoR DD 2 RE (RE = Rebuilted Edition)

It has been lost over year, and now i found it from my old PC :)

Its pretty good, remember, it has been done years ago.

Download it here: http://fin-mta.net/maps/pWnZoR%20DD%202%20RE.map

See pictures here:


Best picture about that map, displays almost everything:



Less quality picture (I took it from video) about one of jumps:



Also less quality pic about huge jump for monster:



Map stats:

Spawns: 24

Style: DD (DM)

Respawn: No


I hope you like it =)

Feel free to comment it here.

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ever heard of use the edit button? -_-

hmm, think he hasnt, lol, :lol:

i tried your maps, some are good, not quite so sure with some of them, they look like rushed maps, been made in 5 minutes.

Well, whatever, they wont be used @ my server, and why?

they look like rushed maps, been made in 5 minutes

and btw, maybe i would download them to my server w/o the stolen changed named maps :redhotevil:

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