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funny shizznit


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  • 3 months later...

He could have like, ya know, denied it...

I dunno...I think his parents would have believed their own son over someone from East Chuckaf*ck, who got the name and phone number off the internet somewhere.

Anyway, I feel both bad for the guy and totally amused. Yet another vicitim of their own stupidity...

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My name is publicized all over the place on the 'web, and not by me... just weirdass freaks who didn't get their way, and had big brothers look me up...

Being in foster care isn't the best either, since everyone is labelled as having "mental issues" - and who wouldn't? Everyone goes and assumes i'm psycho though.. thats only sometimes... ;) really its depression (shi'... you try being locked in rooms for days, or seeing huge preferential treatment towards parents real kids vs yourself), but when its such a generic label, especially that.. well... it can be twisted quite easily ;)

At least there isn't anything like what this guy has that I (have to/could think of to) publicize... shi'... I just know what its like bieng looked up, but not turned in for anything :P

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