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Admins V Players Mode For PRS


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Hi, I was wondering (I know it's possible, but difficult) if anyone would make an addon script for PRS where if an admin level 4 or higher types in !avp or !adminsvplayers during a map that has a mode of dm or rsdm then it would temporarily change the mode to one where it detects the number of respawns of people with levels higher than one and people with levels of 0 and if the combined death tally of one of the groups is higher, then that group at the end of the map, either admins or players, will get $400 per player (in the winning group). During the game, it would say things like Admins have 12 deaths, players have 20, admins are winning, and every time someone dies, it would update the status of their group, ie an admin dies and it says: admin deaths: - 12

If anyone could make this then I would be very grateful

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Just to check, this would be an addon to the !setmode command right? IE you wouldn't have to type in !setmode avp 489 for an admin v players mode game for 489 seconds, instead you would just say on an map already set for RSDm - !setmode avp and then it would retain the RSDM settings of the already programmed map length (which I think is saved in a text document in the IRC folder) so that it would become a temporary admin v player map for the length of that map but it would revert to its normal RSDM mode after. And !setmode avpdm would mean that if the last person left standing was a normal player, then each player would recieve the cash, but if the last person left standing was an admin, then each admin would recieve money.

Thanks for the help.

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