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It's pretty easy to install MTA, you just need to install San Andreas first, then double click the MTA installer. Yes there is alot of people online, and microphone support may come out in alittle bit when MTA:Deathmatch is released.

OK thank you very much.

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For someone who has never done any modding, for ANY game, and is considering buying GTA:SA for the PC to use MTA, would tackling this mod be difficult? Also, is there always people online? is there mics? Thank you.

Removed by forum moderation - dont be an idiot.

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please can u e-mail me the full GTA game of GTA 3 cos i dont have it :(

oh yeah, sure, i'll just pack you the 2 iso's and send via mail, np man. :rr: C'mon, are you crazy? I don't know any mail server that can send such big files over mail and Warez is not supported here, so you should not ask for this, go buy the game

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