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I'm playing with IDA & OllyDbg with VC.....

Guest kktos

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As I'm playing with VC throught IDA & OllyDbg, I can share info but I'm not sure anyone can need them...

Anyway, If I can help, just ask.


VC w/o the patch

$648C10 : sprintf

$64A730 : sscanf

$4ABD20 : checkKBDBuf4Cheat

$551040 : drawMenuString


and I'm still playing..... :D

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Oh... if anyone's confused (and perhaps you should have explained what you were doing a bit better kktos):

He's running VC with a debugger/decompiler... those things are the command numbers or memory addresses to do things in the game (like start the running anim, or the shooting anim, or make the person move...). Oh ya... They probably aren't memory addresses or command numbers, I just don't know EXACTLY what they're called... (Haven't learned enough about programming... yet. :wink::) )

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shame on me !

I'm sorry guys....

I was just saying exactly what "Me" have properly said.

I like to play with ASM / debugger / delphi / VC++ with games... :)

And I'm playing currently a lot with VC.

Therefore, if you need something, jus ask and I will try to do it.

There is so much fun when you have a target, a purpose.


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