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MTA:SA 40 Player Server (Under Construction)

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Hi Me DJFrankie And My Frend Ruby159 Are makin an MTA:SA Server what can hold 40 players.

Normaly there can only go up to 32 players stands in the config but we have mannged to get it to 40 players.

and now we are building the map.

Its gonne be an full sice GTA:SA map only changed for DM and with 40 spawns we are makin the map in map editor and makin the spawns by hand so we have 40 spawns.

For Any comments or questions plz post on: http://www.mtasa40.nl.tp

On This site Also will be the updates about the servers.

When we are done with testing and building we will release the server and we post download for maps that can be played on the 40 servers.

Well if you have an comment we will hear you on: http://www.mtasa40.nl.tp

So Be Aware for Update's See Ya!

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Its a little harder than hex editing, especially with an encrypted executable, but its not hard to find the address for the max-players (or any other) variable, then change the value.

The player limit was set at 32 for a reason..

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Omg frankie, you are posting OUR scripts in your own forums, and you typed there they are yours!

Example: My modifed !trace scripts what uses dnsstuff (original version is Lil Toady's!) is posted there. I think these forums are more popular than your noobish forums for copied-from-mta-forums scripts!

But however, there are few servers with 40 max players, and my friend said he has got 33 players online, and then it crashed.

Simply, MTA cant handle this amount of players. This is useless.


And what the fuck is this?:

MTA:SA 40 Server v0.1

This Download IS NoW Canceld


Download The .Zip File.

Extract it to where ever you like.

Go To the mtaserver.conf

Change The Name And If You Like Ports.

Now Go Back And click on: MTA:SA 40 Server

SorceForce: canceld

RapidShare: canceld

Direct Link: canceld

Copyright 2007 by: DJFrankie[NL] And [NL]Ruby159

This is what you can see when you wanna download this "useless thing"!

Damn, you are noob and lier.

Be happy :evil:


Also your "oh-so-great" Island maps:

MTA:SA 40 maps (Island Maps)

The Island Maps Are Under Constuction.

For Release Of Island1.map Look in The Release Section.


ShareForce: Not Avalible

Rapid Share: Not Avalible

Direct Link: Not Avalible



Damn you are smart! I have seen this script somewhere what you have posted in your forums:

on *:SIGNAL:mta.command: { 
    if ($3 == !buy) && ($4 == freeze) { 
    var %a = $iif((!$5),$2,$iif(($prs.getid($1,$5) == $null),$2,$v1)) 
    var %price = 500 
    var %time = 5 
    if (%a == $null) mta.pm $1 $2 Error! Type !buy freeze <name> 
    elseif ($pgs.cash($1,$2) < %price) mta.pm $1 $2 Not Enough Money, Price Is %price $+ ! 
    elseif (%a == $2) mta.pm $1 $2 Error! - You cannot buy freeze for yourself! 
    else { 
    mta.text $1 /me $mta.nick($1,$2) has bought freeze for $mta.nick($1,%a) for %time seconds! 
    $calc($pgs.cash($1,$2) - %price) 
     mta.freeze $1 %a 
    !.timer 1 %time mta.unfreeze $1 %a 
    !.timer 1 %time mta.text $1 /me $mta.nick($1,%a) has just unfreezed! 
    // This One Modifeyet by me: DJFrankie 
    elseif ($3 == !buy) && ($4 == mute) { 
    var %a = $iif((!$5),$2,$iif(($prs.getid($1,$5) == $null),$2,$v1)) 
    var %price = 500 
    var %time = 5 
    if (%a == $null) mta.pm $1 $2 Error! Type !buy mute <name> 
    elseif ($pgs.cash($1,$2) < %price) mta.pm $1 $2 Not Enough Money, Price Is %price $+ ! 
    elseif (%a == $2) mta.pm $1 $2 Error! - You cannot buy mute for yourself! 
    else { 
    mta.text $1 /me $mta.nick($1,$2) has bought mute for $mta.nick($1,%a) for %60 seconds! 
    $calc($pgs.cash($1,$2) - %price) 
     mta.muta $1 %a 
    !.timer 1 %time mta.unmute $1 %a 
    !.timer 1 %time mta.text $1 /me $mta.nick($1,%a) has just Been Unmuted 

Oh i know where i have seen this! ITS MINE!

All what you have edited, is screw it up:


mta.text $1 /me $mta.nick($1,$2) has bought mute for $mta.nick($1,%a) for %60 seconds! 

What is %60? i cant see that var!


mta.muta $1 %a 

Oh, i see! You have done your own command called by mta.muta! Damn you are 2x smart! Only problem is that, there is no alias for it! OH CRAP!!!


This kinda shit makes me mad :x

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