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Hi there Me And My Frend Are Working On An New Script named: PMS

This is what we have made so far:

User commands:



-Cash Script (Not Done Yet Working On It)

-Buy Script (Same As Above) Items: Name Register (Go's With IP)/User level's (no admin commands)

-Bet Script (Same As Above)

Admin Commands:

Kick/Ban/mute/Freeze and all the un's



-forbidden Nick


Admin levels are rcon

user Levels:

1: Rookie dude

2: Nice Driver

3: Owner here!

4: Sunday Driver (Speed it up man)

5: Sppr Driver

6: Of Road owner

7: High Dude

8: Accistent Godfather

9: GodFather!

10: God!!

We Arent so Far Yet as You can See So If You Have aNy suggestions or want to help give me a call or pm or post cya

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pre-menstrual syndrome[/offtopic] :oops:

well, good lucky finishing it. those other scripts failed.. how were they called? SHS, PWS etc.

Just remember, if you dont know how to script don't promise people some good public scripts.

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can i have the votemap part now?^^ i need it for my script //i will add your names then^^

do it publich or pm me :)


ps good luck for the hole script and send greetzys to ud pussy

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