Sunset Ridge WIP - preview

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please post the BETA version of it....i want to play on my particular server...


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thing is , I've been running in problems on the end part (road parts disappearing and such) due to object limit, I might end up trashing the end and redo it all on another way. I started to make some little maps back so I might work on this one soon :)

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wow, I fail.. I've been posting nice pics about that map and I just realized via a PM that I never posted any update or a release .... since over a year ago!! :oops:

well, just to update (incase you want to use in MTA:DM or SA:MP or etc.) I have a finalized version that's been uploaded since a long while on Littlewhitey's MTA:Race server (who's sadly prolly dead now) ...

I'll upload it on a ftp and give up the link for anyone who wants it once I found the good version somewhere on my hard drives... must be where I left it last time.....year...

sorry >_<

and if anyone that is/was playing on LW's server... I'm sorry to have left like that w/o a word... love you all guys (Cygnus/raz0/Alpha/etc)

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