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50 posts rule


Should members be required to have 50 posts before starting up a gang?  

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  1. 1. Should members be required to have 50 posts before starting up a gang?

    • YES - There are too many small 'noob' gangs
    • NO - The more gangs the better

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yeah, but that depends on the rules and requirements for having the gang official

rough guidelines such as, X members (hardest to decide cause some may not be too active)

time established

games played

leadership exp

and a million other things i cant think of.

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I've been around here for a few days now and I know basically what's going on but I don't have that many posts but that's not the point... The point that I'm trying to make is that for the noobs that they should atleast they should know what's going on before they go ahead and start making a gang! I don't care noobs have their own gang and stuff but they should atleast be known or atleast posted around and know what's going on. So I voted yes.

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I suddenly realised something:

we're only stopping gangs from being a part of the MTA forum, and the MTA gang-competition system.

But gangs are just a couple of people who get together and start playing... Gangs will just play on their own server, and not bother to post in the MTA forum. That, or they'll post in a different gangs forum (like the gtaforums.com one)...

We aren't really stopping n00b gangs, we're just stopping n00b gangs from being a part of the MTA forums... They'll still be playing, just they'll be harder to keep track of...

The more I think about this 50-posts rule, the more confused I get, and the less I like it... :|

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well they can get more notoriety on here than the gtaforums, which still dont seem to be taking any notice of mta =(

mta forums needs to be a place where gangs and gang-chat is welcome, hense why the 2-forum system may work, though nappa's clanbase may solve all this.

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yeah, well the idea i had (bah, too lazy to scroll down and find whos... just call it mine ;-P =) about the multiple forums bascially abolished the min posts rule as then anyone can start a gang. numbers and time members active will be the issue here.

also, keeping the official lists up to date will be some hard work.

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If you guys need someone to do that I would like to. I think that keeping a record of Official gangs is an idea that should be thought about. I would be more than happy to kep it up. I mean it would be kinda simple. Just PM me the names of members that have joined since the gang started. How hard is that?


Also if someone wants to start one they PM me a request. I me and some others think that they have enough "street credit" to create one then its ok. Simple.

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