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Maps Where You Can Walk

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i have created a map where it is possible to walk. It is on the =AllCountries=NDL Server By Allah and the map is called NDL Monobrow 06. Plz come and play it.

I have not uploaded it to the map centre because obviously, it is quite a unique map and i want it exclusively for our server but plz come and play it if you are interested in what i did to make the map.

However, i am just wondering if anyone can tell me how to get checkpoints and vehicle changing pickups to respond when you are playing as a person because they never seem to respond. If anybody knows, plz tell me.

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1) It's not a secret how to get a player on foot and there are a few ways of doing it described somewhere in the forum.

2) Player are not synced at all when they are on foot so of course the check points will not work as the server does not see you and you will not be visible for the other players either.

3) Stop advertising your server all over the forum ;)

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1) You can see the other players when walking ingame.

2) I was not advertising the server all over the forum, i was saying where you could play my map in one section about MAPS because i thought it was unique (even though i now know it isn't).

I was just looking for some help, so if any other users of this forum are willing to help me its would be much appreciated :wink:

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well lil_toady answered all your questions there, just because you can 'see' the other players it doesn't mean they are synced in other words they appear to move, walk, climb and do all kinds of random stuff but in fact they aren't controlled by human players..

for example you might see someone being next to you, while he is on the other side of the map doing something else..

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