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Cheating question



Will it be so easy to cheat in MTA:DM as it is in SA-MP? Because i just tried the new sa-mp and while there are improvements in syncing and stuff, there are a lot of cheaters aswell, it's pretty frustrating when you shoot a guy 100 times point blank and he just kills you without any effort.

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I wont comment on if it will be any "easier".

There havent been any official confirmations on the anti cheat, but expect an anticheat similar to that of race - minus the lack of updates. MTA has not had a great past with cheating on the old core, and im positive that the team will use the Blue core to the full in order to minimize cheating.

MTA Race has a very solid anti cheat but has suffered due to lack of updates.

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It can be the ping for the player you was shooting :P Or just Cheaters

I've ran some people over with a car and just stood on them and they didn't lose any HP. Plus i've thrown molotovs and grenades at them, and they moved pretty smoothly, there were guys who just lagged like hell, but some just didn't die.

PS. Thanks for answer, Talidan.

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SA-MP is a nice timewaster ... but to play it for a long time, it's just annoying (laggers/people with bad internet who can't be killed. The only thing matters in SA-MP is wheter you lagg or not. Laggers always win, people with nice connection lose).

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