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If anyone can help this problem (can't get rid of installer)

Guest Absozero

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ok I got winxp

perfect comp.. everything works..

I installed MTA.exe the 0.3b version like every program in the directory. All good here.. Then I execute the launcher on the desktop. ok no problem here.. Then I click on GTA3 MTA ¸<--- PROBLEM HERE = It starts GTA3 but god damnit it starts mta.exe AGAIN to REINSTALL the same program. I installed 1000 times.. I uninstall everything the program and the multiplayer patch. I even tryed with 1.0 and 1.1 .. I did everything and I can see no one ever has that problem. Each time I click the icon it restarts the installer. I'm getting tired of that. I'm giving 100$ to anyone who can fix that. And I don't want any regedit stuff or lame error like winsock.cx or bad installation cuz I already tryed that 1 million times

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by the way I already try to put in another directory Like in my C:\MTA.exe

then I installed it and it still does the same

And yes I deleted it from \GTAIII before and reinstall after

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Just move C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\GTA3\mta.exe over to your desktop.

run the installer...

and now run the new C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\GTA3\mta.exe (oh ya... launcher first, to set GTA3 into MTA-mode)

If I could please suggest something to the MTA team? Make the installer mta_installer_0_35.exe :wink:

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