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How to setup a Cops&Robbers server ?

Guest traxxus

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Hi !

Im new in GTA SA server things.

I have installed and running perfectly an "normaly" GTA SA server.

But i have only the standart maps (race and stunt)

How i can configure my server into a Cops&Robbers server ?

And where i can download maps for that ?

Thanks in advance.

Greetings from switzerland.

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Goto center, and search there CnR maps. OR make then at yourself.


Put your server open.


Use 'Search' and set keyword to Cops and robbers script or something.

OR make then at yourself.

Thats not so hard, isnt it?

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Ok. I can also download a CnR map (where's the "center" ? )

or make one. thats it ?

For Script running, it's necessary to use mIRC ?

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Yea's you must use Mirc! (General use script) Lock on this forum or search for it, whits this little butten Search

Here is the Map "Center" ---> http://center.mtasa.com/ . But it is closed for Whery slow line.

Btw. Remember to download a script like this eks: http://forum.mtavc.com/viewtopic.php?t= ... ht=general

It is used for showing this -->

. Ran (How many times the map have been raced)

. Record (Who have the best time running for the cops)

. Name (The name on the map)

. More i dont remember

PS: Remember if you is having a 24/7 cops and run server you dont need it! Or you can. your choice ;) OR if you is having a server there peoples can upload maps they have made like cnr maps! You SHULD realy have this:P

EDIT: It is much you dont need on that script for having Cnr whits much maps. lock over it plz.

Good grettings from Zion 8)

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