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Some of my tricks in MTA SA (Wankenstein DD)


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Ur "Bond Flip" is my trick

u stole it from me

i was the first who used this trick in the time were only betafield got wankenstein


that trick is actually my trick and I call it the "uber nuber nooby pwner" and I had it in mind way before MTA or even GTA came out... so don't pretend it's you're trick when it's crystal clear that it's mine!

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i can call it my trick because i fond it out

i dont looked the trick from somebody other

(housemd looked the trick from me he was on betafield when i used the trick)

seriously :P do you really think nobody has done that trick before you? it's just silly to point at others and say "thief! that's mine!" there's a high chance they found it out by themselves

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Don't worry about Metz-Ger. He is very sad. He is the guy that keeps his maps secret from others, despite taking ages to make, and despite the fact it is only an unofficial mod for a 3 year old game that was designed to let the GTA community have fun online. I can really see why he'd want to make his maps exculsive to one server. (He's not even getting paid to keep em exclusive - what is up with him) Metz-ger, it's time to grow up and not treasure notepad files that you could give to the community and they would like you for. Seriously. Before some clever guy makes a mod to save MTA maps when u play em online. I mean, you're downloading the data somewhere after all!

BTW: Waaah! It's my sequence of right and left turns and acceleration! Mine!

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