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How to install and run scripts


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Hello, please help me.

I downloaded and installed mIRC. Then am i downloaded Public Release Script 1.3- Released. Scripts copy to mIRC folder and run mIRC connected to mIRC server and say /load -rs MTA-PRS1.3.mrc. But loaded only 1 tabble (screen).


Please help me how to install and run scripts.

Very sorry! my english is very bad

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search the forum for MTA:mA ..this is something like MTA Remote Admin but you need it..so download it..unzip in mIRC folder..type /load -rs mta.mrc ,and then choose "Server" (from bottom ..) and then "Connect" ..well but first of all you must type in the right of MTA:mA the details for yur server..enjoy ;) but you must notice something like MTA:PRS1.3 Reactivated(after done this stepts)

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u should only load the script once...

also, u should have tried reading the txt file that came with it.

it says something like:

If u dont have mirc, u will need to get that first. http://www.mirc.com

if you dont have mtama (Multi Theft Auto mIRC Admin) for SA you will need to get that up and running too. (make sure u can connect to ur server)

Put the MTA-PRS1.3.mrc file into ur MAIN mirc dir, then close mirc.

with nothing running, start mirc

at the bottom of ur main mirc window, type: /load -rs mta-prs1.3.mrc

Both mtama and prs dialogs will appear, fill out the details in the prs dialog and click save.

u can now close this dialog if u want. (top reopen it, type: /prs in ur mirc main window)

On ur main mtama dialog, you can now connect to ur server.

if you havent added any admins to ur serverconfig yet, leave the 'members required to login' set as 'no'

Make sure in ur mirc status window, that no errors are showing.

For the Gambling part of the script to work, Make sure PGS is turned on.

there is a button on the PRS Main tab on the dialog.

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OMG u made me download that when all u need to do it turn the script on!

theres a great big button on the main dialog. it says PGS OFF on ur video.

U need to turn the Public Gambling Script on. The it will work

try reading what ur doing in furure... it might help u.

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lol im very sorry you. And please how to login into admin? Where is admins.ini ?

Read the .txt files that come with it.

u need to add main admins to the mtaserver.conf file on ur server, along with passwords and admin levels.

its all in the txt file.

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Hmm is rcon admin i must scripts admin...

u need to add yourself as an admin before u can add any script admins. (comon sense really)

i wont waste anymore time with u, if u refuse to read the txt files, u can struggle on ur own.

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level 5 is the highest.

so if ur a level 5 and u try to use a command on another level 5,

it will give an error.

doing any command on yourself wont work, eg:

!sftu, this is the same as me doing: !stfu scooby

This prevents u from accidentally doing things to yourself.

the command will work if u give a valid name tho.

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