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MTA Racing: Golf Pro Tour !


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my mate alan is currently working on 18 "Golf" style maps featuring the seamine object. He finished 9 maps yet. I recommend all of them. They are all great fun imo and are a short and funny change from racing. I will post some screenshots later on, here are the links:

Hole in 1:


Hole in 2:


Hole in 3:


Hole in 4:


Hole in 5:


Hole in 6:


Hole in 7:


Hole in 8:


Hole in 9:


Hole in 10:


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i like the idea of the maps but there is on problem:

They are abit short and if maps are really short whats the point playing them. Yet i still think the maps are reall good and they use a different way of going fast so

nice maps :D

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well it makes no sense hiding behind the alan smithee moniker after i missed changing the author of Hole in 8, so im gonna reveal this secret here and now: Alan Smithee = myself.

okay i see your point, the maps are really short, but thats what they were originally meant to be: 20 seconds of fun as a change from racing standard race maps - i have been playing the race mod with great enthusiasm for 15 months now - and for some reason i now feel quite bored about "normal" racing, so i started this series. i see your point tho, telling about the same joke for 18 times wont make it any better, thats for sure, so i am really trying hard to diversify the maps now. the first 3 were about the same: they got a ramp for the start and a ramp for the shoot, 4 was different a bit but too narrow for 32 spawns, 5 was too narrow too ( i hope the last version works tho), 6 was a late night 30 minute mapping action (i gotta touch that one again). however, hole in 7 has a whole new a pproach to the theme as it is based on a map that already existed (SMASHIN by MSD - thx for allowing me to edit this mate). and its great fun too imo. it aint that much about dropping in from a ramp and hoping to have some air control but about catching your drifting car again, Hole 8 in its last version ( 100 cp instead of 200 and 5 vehicle changes in total plus a lot more repairs) should also work well now. Hole in 9 was about just under a minute and hole in 10 is about 1.20 minutes plus has some nice jumps & steep turns. Can you dig these then ?

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