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Jobs - Wanna Work?

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hey guys i used the search button and i found topics containing the word "job" so sorry if this has been answered b4 and i didn't saw it

Now here is my suggestion: SRY FOR THE NOT SO WELL GRAMMAR

there are ppls who just don't find the purpose of playing MTA DM - just walk around the streets and shooting ppls until some1 blow ur head too and the same proccess again without getting stronger with more weapons,rank and stuff like that.So isn't be good if we can have jobs i mean to choose what type of player we will be when we enter the server - normal and worker so the normal player will go and do anything normal for DM - killing ppls,stealing cars etc. but if u choose the worker u will be able to decide whether to be - Taxi Driver or Air Taxi with helicopters and planes or Sea Taxi or Guardianer and for ex. i choose taxi driver and it spawns me into Taxi's base or Worker's base and because i'm taxi driver and only i and all taxi drivers can drive the yellow cars - taxi's cabs and only we can enter them cuz we are taxi drivers and i'll not have any weapons so i can't kill my customers ;) and if the customer kill me he will be kicked from the server around 15-30 minutes or sent to jail about 5 minutes without writing "/kill" and for ex. i set my price to 200 $ for a transportation of one ppl and for example the workers will have their own chat and every worker will have his own number and for ex. the customer calls me on the chat (write my number and say where is his location and i'm going to get him) then i have around five minutes to arrive ofcourse if he is in Los Santos and i'm in Las Venturas or if i'm too slow he can get his ass killed b4 i arrive so i will be able to accept or cancel the order and whateva when i meet him and he enter the car one window appears and he put checkpoints that only me and he sees then i drive him\they to the specified location and when i arrive the cars doors are unlocking and the customers leave the vehicle and i get a 200$ from every customer or if it's only 1 just 200$ and for ex. i can choose only limited price ex. there is max. and min. price for taxi drivers and cuz it's on land or i choose air taxi - it's the same system just with higher prices cuz on air it's much faster and only me and the others air taxi pilots can drive the helicopters and the planes in the Workers base or if i'm guardian i will have to choose only the guardian-looking pedestrians and then i will have price too and the same bla bla and if the customer hires me or my teammates and then he will have around 2 or 5 minutes to come and get us coz imagine we wait in Workers base 20 minutes so and if he don't come to pick us by this deadline i don't know he will be able to cancel or automatically loose his cash and if i i'm done "working" just the server will save my $ automatically or i can save them in a bank like SA-Mp and then as normal player pull them up from the bank and... that's it i hope i made myself enough clear and i didn't say anything about a Cops or Swats or FBI or Firemans cuz those jobs are not jobs where u hire guys so really hope u understand what i mean and this is not RPG cuz u can do most of things in SinglePlayer so i will be glad to see this in the mod i'm sure it's possible with the script cuz even sometime maybe u will get bored and u will prefer to re-spawn to a worker and earn some $ actually my idea is to earn money in new fun way and then buy good weapons and etc. but the biggest problem is what will happen when u "work" and u loose connection or have lag i think it will be some Ping limit to accept a job or if u got kicked from the game for some error i think it should release the customers from the vehicle and bring back their health or if it's in the air it will get them parachute so what u think really hope u got what i mean :?:


Jeez that's a lot of writing BTW i got hungry from so writing :D

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