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This one is for you Scooby:


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Hi DJ here we have on our server pgs script whit money and stuf but we think that it is cool if you can buy stuf so mayby you can make a buy script for PGS Script mayby its a big thing but i think it is going to be very good!

Something like this command:


And the product are:








So if you can do something i will here it!

Thanks and greetzz.... uD|DJFrankie|NL

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eheh, buy kick and ban? cool, someday you'll find out that every player is banned, even better to buy an !addban and do '!addban' :lol:

And buy wins stats heh? like i win 1 race and buy few more wins so it says that i've won 23532523 races? kewl

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lol do u guys not follow the PRS/PGS topics??

Hmm i'll have to get PRS/PGS made sticky...

I'll be making a start PGS1.2 Somtime this week, ive had a few suggestions so far, but the basic lineup includes buying things, im not 100% sure what im gonna add yet, 'Banning' was nowhere on the list tho.

Plz post all suggestions in either the PRS or PGS Topics.


If u dont ask for things, they will never get added. :roll:

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This will be better idea;

1. Freeze yourself (Like you can stop your car into air maybe for 30s or something, so ppl cant reach you to kill, depends how much u got money)

2. Buy an friendlist (Like you can add friends into your own list, for typing !friends, !list or something. Like that depends how much you got money; for 100$ you get etc. 25 slots for your friends in your list.)

3. Buy an IP lock for your money (So ppl cant use your nick to buy stuff using your money.)

4. Own little text for typing !text (So ppl can add own little text, like !o command in Scoobys scripts for admins)

5. Own welcome message (So ppl can shows other players who is coming :)

Etc. King called by MTA-MAN is coming! Respect him! or something like that :D )


Dont just say some admin tools etc. !ban, that will be unfair for banned player, without good reason. And that sucks too if someone can just join into game using your money and will not be kicked. If you got much money, that will be good idea to buy an ip lock for your nick. So, there are my ideas :) I hope you will like them, and maybe add them into your

new scripts, if you gonna make it.

- MTA-MAN :arrow:

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Holy shit you guys really do like my friendslist ey?

Actually a buylist/shoppinglist/whatever is great fun, but buying a ban, kick, or freeze or even mute isn't. That's just stupid.

My 2 cents.

Edit: A friendslist over 5 people isn't really fecible either, which is why I've limited mine to 5.

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Edit: A friendslist over 5 people isn't really fecible either, which is why I've limited mine to 5.

a list of 5 isnt really much of a list, i havent added it yet either, but if i did, id say around 10 would be more like it. i just cant see why i would need a friends list? in case i forget who i like? hmmm

maybe an enemy list would be more useful? :twisted:

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How in the world are you going to display 10 people in that tiny window? I instantly display 5. If you've bought 5 slots that is, you only get what you pay for ;)

In any case, right now it's more cosmetic and status than anything else

well im sure thats something ud have to figure out...

hmmmm how could i fit more than 5 names in a list... hmmm?

think about it... 8)

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