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just wana Play?

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ok i really wana play mta but i have no clue how do set it up or anything i downloaded mta 1.0 sa and the server and it comes up with error.

please help i just need some usful help on:

how to download and get playing

Please help



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I will help!

1, you will need Gta San andreas! BUYED VERSION!

2,Download this! Mta race 1,1! :P

3, Set up mta!...

4, If any error come type it her! [in this forum/topic]

5, Change name on settnings! in mta! Becuse most of the servers is not allowing player like name!

6, Dont use Cheats! Plz you will get banned from server's you are going on! forever! banned from server!!!

7, Play and have fun!

PS: if you do have some error's only write it in this forum/topic.. or make a new one!

But remeber before you make a topic.. Search! click her!

Hope it helps ^^


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