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mrselfdestructs maps

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Soz dude, it was late, Must have engaged spam mode! Anyway, heres some more....all in the same post!!

Destruct400. Custom raceway. Hotring racer, fast track, quite short, 4laps.


EatMyDirt. Custom raceway. Hotring racer, lots of crossovers, longer track.


Evasion. Start in Sultan in the waterducts in LS. Race thru LS out thru the tunnel into countryside, swap to Sandking for some hill climbing, then switch to Buffalo for final sprint!


Kernkraft400. Custom raceway. More hotring racers do battle on this lovely looking track!! Pitlane is real tight to get into, so make sure you get it right!!


LightningValley. One of my older maps, looks rough now, but plays really well. Comet. 4laps...


McQueen Park. Brand new track!! Custom raceway. Bullet. 3laps...


MSD90. Custom raceway, Lots of tight turns. Tourismo.


PorscheCup07. Custom Raceway. Great looking track with the comet.


Rockway. Custom Raceway. Another one of the "Hotring Racer" tracks.


SquareOne. A race in LS, its got a gimmicky start with some 2918, then a short race, ended up back at the skatepark where you begin.


ThunderValley. Done around the same time as LighningValley, I have altered it recently so it isn't so rough, nice race. Infernus.


Venturama. Race in LV. Another 2918 gimmicky start, then a tense race around LV in , cheetah, dodo, cheetah, rancher, sultan and stunplane! 'ave it!


ViagraFalls (ThunderValley2) This sequel to ThunderValley looks and plays a lot better. An altogether more demanding track.


Woodstock. Custom raceway. Gorgeous looking track! Comet...Enjoy!


Thats all for the time being. More to come!!

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Damn, cant see no edit button, even with firefox. Anyway, heres one I did today..... Downshift, a very fast infernus race. Make sure you test your brakes!!!


Sultan8. The track was made by Wurstfinger for his flying rhinos map and I have made it into a race track. There are two seperate start points, 16 cars at each one, should make for fun at the cross over point. I havent been able to test this map fully, so any probs let me know as soon as possible!!!


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Right folks, have already posted closeracing. here are the rest in the closeracing series. all with unique and original names! lol















Next up is the "Transporter" series of maps. So far there are 6. Enjoy!



Transporter 2


Transporter 3


Transporter 4


Transporter 5


Transporter 6


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:shock: Yur unstoppable msd hehe

Just thought i'd let you know - i put a few of your new maps on GTAMP today, but the map "transporter5" causes an MTA crash with a protocol error 26 when you hit the first vehicle change cp. I tried it twice and both times it was exactly as i hit that cp that it bombed out with that error, kicking everyone off with the same error simultaneously - although you could sign back on straight away so i dont think it actually crashed the server.

If i didnt know u better i would claim "SKC Sabotage!!!!!11" hehe jus kiddin :P


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Few pics of my new one, Malibu Cliffs...




Following Wursts great Wurstfinger GP2, I decided to have a go at making a track that had no walls and just land masses and other objects as barriers. I found it a bit easier doing it this way, but more time consuming finding the right piece of land to use. I had finished it last nite, but when I tested it this morning, I realised that you could drive thru some of the cliffs, so had to !redo some of it. Altho its a simpler track than Wursts, its still fast and has some nice corners with only one tight(ish) hairpin. I thought the buffalo would be good on this map and was tired of using infernus, cheetah, bullet etc.....


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n1 cheers i'll try it again

was tired of using infernus, cheetah, bullet etc.....

Yeah good one - altho buffalo has been done to death too tbh

I demand a Roadtrain Coach or Fire Engine racetrack version!!!1 :shock: ,

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malibu cliffs is awesome dude. I cant wait for redwater !

[i demand a Roadtrain Coach or Fire Engine racetrack version!!!1 :shock: ,

lol that is a nice idea pacmaan fire engines vs ambulances on a racetrack, maybe with a few jumps ? Gonna do that probably.

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Cheers dawg! Nice of you to say. And now, for your viewing (and racing) pleasure is a MSD/WURST production. Part F1 spa-francochamps track, part fictional raceway. its quite a long lap, bout 1m15, 3Laps.

I'm gonna do an endurance version with about 25 laps or so for you long race fans. good for championships etc....

as the mta map center is still down im hosting it here


heads up to wurst for the landscaping help!! cheers m8. there are quite a few objects on this map, so i hope it all loads for you all!! Enjoy!! MSD.

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yw msd, was an honor to contribute my 2 cents to this awesome track, after all i am just an average mapper :P

i hope the map center is offline for the reason i think it is offline: are they adding new pages for DM map upload ?!? :shock:

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Ran it quite a few times on GTAMP last night - no flips, and good move removing the pit wall which gives a lot more room avoiding collisions with the player named "Player" and has the added bonus of reducing the health drain for corners - nice one msd u got the balance just right :wink:

Previous version had a quite a few complaints ingame - but i didnt hear one complaint with this version. Yu da man :D

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