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Get out of car in Free roam servers.

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I know DM is coming but have it sorta like SA:MP it would be cooler.

How exactly would making a modification like SA-MP be cooler than the things that the developers are planning. SA-MP is one of the buggiest pieces of software I have ever used. Not only that, but there are constant problems with cheaters. The syncing of players is also horrible. You could riddle 50 bullets into a person and they could shoot you 10 times, and you would be the one who has no health. Also, Multi Theft Auto:Deathmatch is going to have features that Rockstar should have released on their own. The resource system will allow server admins to offer even more customization to vehicles. I have played SA-MP .2 Beta over this weekend, and it was not that good. They slightly improved on syncing (MTA is way ahead of them for the record). They also added things like trains (I am pretty sure MTA has that). I also believe that MTA's LUA Scripting Language is far more powerful than SA-MP's PAWN Scripting Language. Why would you want the MTA team to release an inferior product anyway. If you want MTA to be like the inferior SA-MP, play SA-MP and allow us to enjoy the features that the MTA team is busy adding and perfecting.

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