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When race was released I found a server that I liked, me and some others helped to improve it by making rules, website, scripts etc. for it.

Currently we are using a ventrilo server to allow players to communicate with each other when playing or otherwise, the only problem is that you can't control who hears what you have to say. Since you can't control what team you start on it's impossible to talk to just your teammates for that round.

I don't know if there is some way to control ventrilo (or teamspeak) in such a way that you can dynamically move players to other rooms, or control to which players your messages are transmitted. This would probably be the closest alternative to integrating it.

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You'd probably need a 3rd party program to do it.

Example: Pressing 1 will let you speak globally; 2 would bring you to another group to speak in; 3, 4, 5, etc.

I don't think Teamspeak can switch people over dynamically. You either have to have switch to another group manually in TS or have an administrator do it.

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Why not only make the next Mta like this

Mortal coper team [10 players]



lord of dm

Maked by me!






Super nova team [6 players]

Ohh a weapon.






like cs! only you can fix the names by your self :) on the teams!

So if you have team speak the speaker will be set auto to the team you are on! And it culd have ben a settning you can change from global on the server to team speak :) that culd have been good!

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And the maker of the map can fix it to! and if the leader of the server want to shift. can he do

Eks: from the name zonda to lamborgini

and 1 more eks:P

From Terroris to iraq team! :P

not mad meant only a eks :P so sorry to the iraq peoples what os playing and reading :(:)

Hope you understud :)

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