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well.. have you asked to scoob and tommis that you may use that scriptS?

otherwise you are an illigal criminal :P

couse its not good to steel other people thair script couse you get the tickets for it or other things but.. tommis and scoob maded them and you mix them (probarly without asking)

so no fair

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hmm just a quick post, not at my pc much today, u ask for help many times with some stuff in the forums to do with scripts, so im guessing u cant be much good. why would u want to release a script what contains everyone elses work? just to call it ur own?

i wrote the PRS for people who need nice scripts, im willing to add anything people ask for, i hardly see much use for more scripts.

if u want to be useful, why not ask what people need, and make an addon to run alongside peoples existing scripts.

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