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mta 0.35 gone because mta vc?


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will the next version of mta still be made? my guess is that all efford is now in mta vc, and if so, i guess some net problems are allready fixed, and maybe even some extra animation or stability. why not just release 0.34c with this fixes and then relaxely continu building gtavc..

-better netcode

-ingame chat

are the main features to keep community

(hint.. i was modding around with mta,ggm to see if i could make it more stable and interesting (and actually to keep buissy this weekend:) but anyway.. then i found out that sending an icq would sometimes project the icq message as a chat ingame. so i guess this might give u some clues how to make propper chat work.)

congrads btw for the nice vc netcode, coordinates look pretty stable :)

..only off course the text we walked we drove and now...:) lol what can i say:)

keep up the good work and don't wayt to long with next releases, a bugfix is a bugfix and has the right to be posted right away:))

greets rhino

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