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An new race map check it out :)

Guest Bebbe

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This is my first uploaded map i have only tested this alone so if anyone could test this with more players that would be great ^^

This is an Mount Chiliad race you use bike, motorbikes and cars :)

There is some bike jumping too and its a little frustrating for somone so if you want me to make it a little easier just say so here :)

Pictures :)


This is the start position :)


Here you jump with the BMX bike :)


This is on top of Mount chiliad also the end of the race.

I know there arent any good pictures more might be coming soon :P

Please rate it and give me an comment on what you think should be improved, bugs etc. Thank you for testing this map :)

Download Link http://center.mtasa.com/?p=race&r=7283

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I have some critical (side) notes.

1) The start grid leading to the first cp's is really tight

2) The cp placement does not allow for great manoeuvrability with all player slots taken

3) The first cp is probably going to cause one big cluster fuck

4) There is no repair point in case the cars crash (and they will) into each other at the start of the race

5) The weather is not optimal for the starting vehicle (spins out of control very fast)

6) In addition to 3, 4 and 5: the car is extremely vulnerable to damage

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