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any one here but me...


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any one here but me actally make scripts for MTA VC or just MTA SA because all the new script requests are all Mta sa

I make scripts for both, so do a lot of us, its just most of the peoples problems are for SA, many scripts are already available for VC.

Even tho the differences between the two are very minor.

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i cant be bothered buying sa and i will not and cannot download it so thats why i dont sa script

Well, some of us play MTA:SA everyday, we'd be lost without it.

If u like VC then chances are ul like SA too. U should get it or at least try it out :)

Im sure u could get it if u tried. :roll:

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*yawn* sa is boring i have clocked it 100% 3 times on ps2 and once on xbox and atm 60% xbox again i will get sa wen dm is released

I havent played any of the GTA games in SP. (well around an hour b4 i got bored) MTA is what makes them good for me. i have almost every console going, but the lack of interaction always brings me back to my pc coz playing any game alone can be boring.

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