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A new forum!

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I Asked redspike if i cud be a beta tester and a guy that do all the things.

He sed yes so i made a forum for ya guy's i did my best.

Its not 100% ready but you can register. :D register plz

Its 95% ready. (need to do ranks and background/skin)

the site: http://members.lycos.co.uk/artigamer/phpBB2/index.php

If you register and login set it "remember password" you wil login and go to an other site you just need to go back to the forum and you are loged in. the same whit logout.



The Don

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ok. this is whats happening artigamer

ares hosting the forums (unlimieted bandwith, unlimited file storage)


now what i showed you is a template i made and are not the forums, those are my forums

http://www.lsr2k.com/forum/index.php are the forums but u need to send me the templates u made so i can give them to him to put on, he still need to put the templatei made http://members.lycos.co.uk/iggy248/phpBB2/index.php on the page also, and questions ask me on hotmail

aslo im ok at making boards


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