Deathmatch fighting styles, recorded (by MTA QA)

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Because of some recent delays in the scripting area of this website, our quality assurance team has decided to present to you a few small high-tech videos in series showing you some features of Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas "Deathmatch", while the developers work on finishing the release itself.

We've decided to upload these videos to YouTube due to it's ease of use, so everybody can watch it right away. Mind that we will not be setting any release dates. These videos will, as you probably know, be done when they're done.

The videos will show pieces of specific areas of MTA, like in this case, the synchronisation of fighting styles. Fighting styles are completely controlled by scripting, and they include all the single player styles like kung-fu and boxing.

YouTube link to video >>

Keep an eye for new videos on YouTube under account MTAQA!

P.S. Have a look at our synchronization as well.

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That's pretty awesome! The sync looks great, the punch actually goes through. Can't wait for the next one :).

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Hey can you tell me the pings of this guys? would be interesting

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Cool, waiting for the next one :)

shouldn't be too long away ;)

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Nice job...very nice job. Ive been wanting this ever since ive started playing Multiplayer for GTA

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