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They are not giving us their maps, therefore I suggest people to play on their server and re create the EASY maps to put on the mtavc.com center so everyone can enjoy their maps... ie King Chaos maps and Stunt Drag.

I promise if I EVER get hold of their maps, I will upload them for everyone :D

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I doubt all their maps are exclusive to them - be easy to find them, but since mtacenter went down MTASA servers are crippled when it comes to aquiring new maps :(

Besides, having good maps dont make it a good server. From what i've heard from people talking about them, they seem a little too l33tist and up they pwn ass - which would explain why you say they consider the average player not worthy of their maps.

Why not post a few more of the map names - chances are someone else has a copy and are willing to share and help the MTA community. Unlike some others eh lol :shock:

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Your post contains a lot of intelligent ideas :D however they are slightly too optimistic. They have made sure that no one can get their exclusive maps by not uploading them onto any websites, so therefore the only way to get their maps is to re create them. Having been banned from their server for really harsh reasons has made me aware how selfish and greedy they are. Here are the map names

Stunt Drag races 1-9, Stunt Drag The Next Level

King Chaos Maps ( I uploaded two of them onto MTAVC after recreating them)


Cats N Dogs

DD Race 01 - 09

DD SuperDragRace

DD Krackroehre.

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the best maps i think not

try some of [uva] scooby's latest maps.

and the above comments about taking peoples maps and posting them yourself

that is not cool infact you should have your ass kicked for that in my opinion .

so about letting my maps go to this server the answer is sorry not gonna happen.

p.s. dont be gay

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Is this directed at me?

"The Best Maps I think Not" What is that supposed to mean?

I think if you are going to post stuff like this then you should not do it at all, the post does not benefit anybody. I am trying to help people. I have sent my maps to people who want them, so dont get so stressy over it yeah..

Would you be happy if you were banned unfairly? Won't people benefit from good maps? So, Lets think about stuff before we post them OK? :D

In the meantime, if you want maps, ask me for them as I have 266 of them... I know there are many with shortages of maps and I am here to help.

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" "The Best Maps I think Not" What is that supposed to mean? "

what do you think it means.

after reading this post i went to this server and after playing a bunch of crappy maps i decided to bring forth the truth.

a bunch of cps around the san an map is not a "best map" the majority of the races were like this.

maps where people gotta die 30 times before someone finishes isnt a "best map" others were like this.

it wasnt dirrected at you but anyone who reads this post.

about posting other peoples maps.

dont support these map theives

if someone doesnt want their map posted its usually for a good reason

1 intended to be exclusive content for their server. got banned? too bad.

2 maybe its not done to their satisfaction. early sneak peek releases to friends should stay that way. and not be posted by anyone other than those who made it when they are ready. unless they died and would have wanted it released this is different.

3 could be they dont want people like you taking it posting it and calling it their own. this gets you no respect.

4 instead of copying and remaking maps you cant find, how about making your own origonal ideas. this would get you the most respect. and then you have your own exclusive content.

5 if your server has the same maps that are hosted on other servers then how is it this server has "the best maps" ? more like the same maps no?

also no admin scripts running? what is this 2002

calm down its ok this server is no better than anyother so stop acting like it is

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I respect these opinions and I thank you for not posting insults on that post, what you have said is respectful and the advice is good.

I have original ideas on my server as you have suggested or people have emailed their original maps to me.

The reason why i was complaining is because almost all the other servers have had the generosity to post their maps on the MTA Center (even if it is not working). The stuff you said about the server not being good is true and has good reasoning.

I will take your advice, it is not the best server OK?

:D lets just agree on that and forget this.

And remember this topic is about mapping, we should be helping each other

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