Falling Down 1 & 2 [VIDEO] > PLEASE, LEAVE YOUR OWN RATE !!!

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Hi everyone,

I start make some maps look like Dinghy Falls. There are just few bugs, i finished this map some ~50 times whitout any stucking places etc. So they are high quality maps. Well, Download and test =)


Falling Down 1 [Online Video] >>>

Falling Down 2 [Online Video] >>>


Falling Down 1 [Downloadable Video] >>>

Falling Down 2 [Downloadable Video] >>>

Download maps:

Falling Down 1 >>>

Falling Down 2 >>>

(Right click and save as)



- 24 spawnpoints (Falling Down 1 and 2)

- Respawn

- 2 checkpoints (First whit Dinghy)

- Falling down 1: 54,3 kb

- Falling Down 2: 32,4 kb

- Falling Down 1: Starting vehicle: Nrg

- Falling Down 2: Starting vehicle: Caddy


Please, leave rate of my maps in this forum. Ty. :wink:

Download those maps from center:

Falling Down 1:

Falling Down 2:

(Center is slow, so pixelitaivas is recommended)

- [FIN]P_X_L


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Please, leave some comments about this map... i wanna know what i need fix, and if not, thats great, but plz, ratez... :shock:

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Well, i can put it in center, but i who needs real video? I played them maps whit 10 players (+me) and no one gets stuck. And i take quite many pictures, so ppl can see almost every event whit those pics. And if its not enought, you can download it, and look more whit map editor etc. or put it into your server, or someone else server, if you dont have own. So... please, leave rates, no probs about videos and center stuff (I will upload this map into center too)

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Thats great maps but there is lots of bugs.. :( Good work! Fix those bugs.

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