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System requirements & Internet speeds!



Okay. I wanna type this topic for ppl, who wanna starts their own MTA:SA server. There u can see system requirements and how fast internet u need for each players whit low ping and no lagg. But first system requirements:

- Intel celeron or AMD athlon at least 1GHZ

- 256 RAM/DDR/DDR2 (Recommended is 512MB DDR2)

- Hard drive is good to be 40GB or more.

- Good cooler.

Well... I think thats all what matters...

Okay, internet speeds:

- 1-6 players = 512 kb/s Upload speed. (Recommended is 1 mb/s)

- 6-10 players = 1 mb/s Upload speed. (Recommended is 2 mb/s)

- 10-14 players = 2 mb/s Upload speed. (Recommended is 3 mb/s)

- 14-18 players = 4 mb/s Upload speed. (Recommended is 5 mb/s)

- 18-20 players = 5 mb/s Upload speed. (Recommended is 6 mb/s)

- 20-25 players = 7mb/s Upload speed. (Recommended is 8-10 mb/s)

- 25-32 players = 10mbit/s Upload speed. (Recommended is 10+ mb/s)

Download speed is good to be 1 mb/s.

I hope this 'catalogue' helps you whit your server!

Tip: If you see somewhere speed like this: 24mb/1mb/s Upload speed is just 1mb/s. So first number doesnt matters almost anything, second number is important. So 10/10mb/s is good speed for large server.

(Sorry my quite bad english, i hope u can read & understand this text!)


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