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Scripting Tutorial 5 - Text displays


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Question about the Gokart at the end of the vid: Sync or lag problem?

Anyway the textstuff is nice.

Should be a lag problem. My ISP has been having issues lately. And yes, that was me driving the kart. No, I was not downloading porn. No way. Nope.

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On the news page, they said you needed some filters and codecs

On a side note: we've noticed that some of you had problems with viewing some of our videos. These issues could be resolved by installing the latest ffdshow filters and XviD codec. It is likely that you will need ffdshow filters for the latest video as well.

Links here

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  • MTA Team

Thanks for the heads up I fixed the links to the script.

The video is acting up because your computer is setup in a way thats not good for handling MP4. Most likely due to quicktime, which is a whore. This is due to some doorknob thinking it was a good idea to put quality over the ability for everyone to play the video. :roll:

In light of these complaints as I expected, I have recompressed the video into wmv format. You should have no problems viewing it now. It will be up very soon.

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  • MTA Team
Yes it can be used, as MTA Team has made resources which there will be download a player. (it is possible also music)

Says who?

edit: For clarification, resources provide the infrastructure to allow custom images, models and sounds. They still have to be implemented into MTA. So far only models have been worked on, so we can't guarantee sounds until it is announced

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