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GTA VC Stripper Mod (nudity)

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If I post pics of my stripper mod are you gonna take em down or delete my post? I will not start another thread I want to pu my screenshots right here. She's a beauty, nice shaped up bush and all, little tattoo on her lower back, and the face is of some chick I know. I will post some screenshots and make a link available for DL.

Oh, this is the second stripper, after you aquire the Pole Position strip club, the first one is butt ugly, the second one is straight though. I put a lot of HARD work into this, please tell me I can release some screenies...

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here are some screenies, the mod will be up next, just chill...

EDITED: Come on I wouldn't be a mod if I didn't this, go ahead and talk about it, but if you really want it, pm it to yourselfs, there isa to be no posting of pr0n here (forum rules)

i made the face outta a pic of this hispanic bitch named Tahnesha I know, she got a kick outta it...

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oh wait its not locked? oh k, OOOPS *pressed locked button by accident* well jeeze, how can I fix that? bah screw im to lazy, ill just lock it then

:idea: THREAD CLOSED :idea:

NO NUDITY! MY VIRGIN EYES!! AHH! THE POWER OF CHRISTS COMPELLS YOU!! :) I'm kidding come on, that was funny, right?

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