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I was able to play MTA VC for a lot of times, but a couple of months ago an error arose.

I can play the game in single mode but cannot play in multiplayer. When I press start game, I always see this message gta-vc.exe has generated errors and will be closed by Windows. You will need to restart the program. then this one comes imediately Invalid executable. Please ensure you have the correct executable.

I did all the RESET, RESTART, REMOVE, REINSTALL, CRACK, PATCH, CHANGE LOGIN things but they don't work.

I use avast antivirus and spycatcher which might have blocked the way but shutting them down didn't change anything.

I can connect to servers, chat with players and see the MOTD.

Is this a bug? There's only one way I didn't try...Format. And I don't want to format now.

Can anybody answer?

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I turned every protector and upload-download limiter down, but it didn't change anything. And yes, I use a router but I think that I wouldn't be able to even connect to the server if router is blocking it. Besides, I checked the ports and I did the port forwarding too. I'm able to connect to all servers and chat with people so the right gates are wide open.

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I'll do it, thx snakie. If that doesn't work, I won't try again until I format the system.

One of my buddies suggested the same thing. He thinks there might be a dll conflict. Sometimes games and graphic softwares modify dll's or create dll's to utilize visual library. That modification may prevent the other software from working properly. Perhaps VC is unable to load textures and maps of the multiplayer mod because of the same issue.

That's what he thinks but I agree. I use lots of CAD & 3D programs on a piece of junk (my pc). They cause lots of conflicts and probems, but anyway I need them.

Thanks folks.

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