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MTA:SA Public Release Script - PRS:1.3 Out Now!


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I am sorry, but it still does not work this muteall ;/



////// MTASA:RACE //////

////// Map Ownership //////

////// BY: [uVA]Scooby //////


Script to be used with PRS 1.3 (it wont work as it is without PRS!)

this script pays $200 to the map owner every time the race starts, regardless if they are in the server.

maps cost $250000 and can be sold for the same price.

commands: !buymap - !sellmap - !owner - !mapsowned


on *:SIGNAL:mta.connect: {

set %mapprice 250000

set %bonuscount 0


on *:SIGNAL:mta.command: {

var %race = $replace($mta.race($1),$chr(32),$chr(63)), %owner = $hget(prsmaprate,owner $+ %race)

if ($3 == !owner) mta.text $1 $mta.race($1) - $iif(%owner == $null,Available For Purchase ($250000),Owned By: %owner)

elseif ($3 == !buymap) prs.buymap $1 $2 %race %owner

elseif ($3 == !sellmap) prs.sellmap $1 $2 %race %owner

elseif ($3 == !mapsowned) prs.mapsowned $1 $mta.nick($1,$2)


alias prs.buymap {

if ($hget(pgstemp,allow $+ $2) == no) mta.pm $1 $2 Plz Try Later - Accessing Details!

elseif ($pgs.cash($1,$2) < %mapprice) mta.pm $1 $2 Error: Not Enough Cash! ( $+ $ $+ %mapprice $+ )

elseif ($4 != $null) mta.text $1 Map Already Owned By: $4

else {

mta.text $1 $mta.nick($1,$2) Is Buying This Map For $ $+ %mapprice

pgs.sub $mta.nick($1,$2) %mapprice

!hadd prsmaprate owner $+ $3 $mta.nick($1,$2)



alias prs.sellmap {

if ($hget(pgstemp,allow $+ $2) == no) mta.pm $1 $2 Plz Try Later - Accessing Details!

elseif ($4 != $mta.nick($1,$2)) mta.pm $1 $2 Error, You Dont Own This Map!

else {

mta.text $1 $mta.nick($1,$2) Is Selling This Map For $ $+ %mapprice

pgs.add $mta.nick($1,$2) %mapprice

!hdel prsmaprate owner $+ $3



alias prs.mapsowned {

var %a = 0,%b = 0, %c = $mta.races($1)

while (%a < %c) {

var %d = $replace($mta.races($1,%a),$chr(32),$chr(63))

if ($hget(prsmaprate,owner $+ %d) == $2) {

!inc %b


!inc %a


mta.text $1 Total Maps Owned By $2 $+ : %b


on *:SIGNAL:mta.startrace: {

set %bounscount $calc(%bonuscount + 1)

if (%bounscount >= 10) prs.bonuswin $1 $2

var %race = $replace($mta.race($1),$chr(32),$chr(63))

var %owner = $hget(prsmaprate,owner $+ %race)

if (%owner != $null) {

var %div = 200

.timer 1 10 mta.text $1 This Map Is Owned By: %owner - Paying Dividends. $ %div

pgs.add %owner %div


else .timer 1 10 mta.text $1 Buy This Map, Price:$ %mapprice (!buymap)


alias prs.bonuswin {

set %bonuscount 0

if ($prs.players($1) > 1) {


var %nick = $mta.nick($1,$rand(0,$mta.server($1).cmax))

if (%nick == $null) goto scooby

else {

mta.text $1 Bonus Win - Paying %nick $ $+ 1000.

pgs.add %nick 1000




Scooby I ask you that you remade me some buymap your script to look like this:

Each map costs 20 to start every game thousand for the price increases by 1 thousand. Check your map, you can command !Mymaps (so that the maps showed the name) you can buy !Buymap If the owner can set the map win any map as your next command go! Him, and of course you can buy a map despite the fact that someone already bought it and the cash goes back ??

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no idea what ur talking about sry.

i have no race server or mtama to test scripts on, so anything u want, i have to be able to write off the top of my head...

this isnt easy since ive been doing lua for the last few months and its nothing like mirc.

if u want help with scripts... id be happy to try to help, but im not gonna make any major changes.

its always easy to sit there and say i want a script to do this and i want a script to do that...

trying to make it isnt always as easy, especially when u havent got a clue what the person is after.

as for !muteall, i have no idea what u have done with it now :lol: ... maybe repost what u have and where u have it within ur script,

try to be descriptive with what ur saying and explain the problems better,

just sayin 'it doesnt work' isnt very helpful...

try to explain whats happening. (if anything)

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The .rar file is broken.

can you reupload ? :D

the rar seems fine to me, i downloaded it and it unrared ok.

Download by clicking >HERE< and save to a location.

I didn't test the other one, but your's in that post seems to work fine.

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What is the point of doing the script when u dont help others and u dont do a link that we can download script ???

Hmm i wrote this over 3 years ago... theres 42 pages of help ive given... also weeks and weeks of work went into writing the script... Ive helped literally hundreds of people with this script and previous scripts of mine.

I wasnt aware anyone even played mta race anymore since loads are playing race on DM now. Also, I didnt know the link was down since I dont play mta:race anymore.

If you still want the script email me and i'll email the script to you... im sure i have a copy of it somewhere :mrgreen:


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i dont have a link to it or i would just update the download link if i did lol.

i thought he was asking for someone to send it to him so he could upload it somewhere since im too lazy :mrgreen:

ive emailed it to loads of people, if u email me, i can reply with it an attachment.

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