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MTA:SA Public Release Script - PRS:1.3 Out Now!


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Scooby Do you know how to take toptimes from gus scipts and run it on prs ?

I take it u mean, to import previous saved top times from GUS into PRS...

Im sure it cant be too hard as long as the format in GUS is convertable, (i havent checked the format in the INI)

i dont know how its stored in GUS off hand, but im sure it'll be convertable one way or another.

You need to have the script read your top time stored in GUS then compare it to your top time in PRS,

then resave the best time.

Theres gonna be a few ways u can do this, but basically, u just need to have a command that cycles through every map,

checking them one at a time until its done every map for that player.

(this would be the easiest i think, as long as u dont have thousands of maps to check through :) )

Is this something u need/want?

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Scooby could you remake my script 'winning streak'. I'd like it to give x2,x3etc. points when streak is x2,x2 etc ?

Try this.. its nothing flashy, let me know if its ok (its set to work only for 2 or more players)

on *:SIGNAL:mta.connect: {
 set %wcount 1
on *:SIGNAL:prs.endrace: {
 var %winner = $mta.nick($1,$2), %players = $prs.players($1), %wspoints = $calc(%players - $mta.rank($1,$2))
 if ((%winner == %lastwinner) && (%players > 1)) {
   !inc %wcount
   var %wspoints = $calc(%wspoints * %wcount)
   !hadd prsrank $mta.nick($1,$2) $calc($prs.points($1,$2) + %wspoints)
   if (%wspoints > 0) mta.pm $1 $2 %wspoints $iif(%a == 1,Point,Points) Earned. Total: $prs.points($1,$2)
   mta.text $1 Win streak Of %wcount For %winner $+ !!!
 else set %wcount 1
 set %lastwinner %winner

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Everything Nice, beautifully Thanks very much. Scooby and can do so in order to command! New can be used until 35 seconds after take-off the map?

Hmmm, im not really sure what ur after here.. sorry.

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ok thanks, and you could customize the script so that instead of rank noob, Rookie etc. to show the place?. Of the points of course. eg PSE | GeForce's rank: 1st

well theres already !top points, the ranking is just calculated from the points, its pretty easy to modify it to show however you like...

the only really hard one to do would be to give everyone an individual rank from their points - however you can still see the top3 best with !top3 points..

also, u would need to decide if u want the ranks to work for just those in the server, or globally (from every stat u have stored since ur server began) either way, neither are too hard. im sure you could manage to modify the script enough to show whatever it is u need.

if ur not sure what to do or u still want me to make something for you, just let me know what u want the command to do,

be as specific as u can so i dont make it wrong and i'll do it for you.

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I want simply to command Rank showed an overall summary of the points. You can something like this for me?

i said be as specific as u could be...that still seems pretty vague to me.

an overall summary of whose points? - the player? the whole server? the whole stats for every player thats ever joined?

if u wanna see points, u can use !top3 points...

or maybe u want a ranking position for points?

untill i know what it is u want, i cant make anything... or it'll be wrong :lol:

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Overall, the entire server statistics, something like !Top3 points top3 but shows only 3 and I want more and that is why I want you to do this command rank. Now you understand me ?? because of weak English ;]

u wanna see the top 10 or something??? more than 3 lines might be spammy?

or ur current rank?

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Mhh, it can be done if he rade eg top 10 with the possibility of more ? and that only the admin can view them?

if were gonna go thru the trouble of giving every player a server rank based on points, then i guess we could have a command for showing 1 rank above and below, however the top 3 are the only ones stored, so the actual ranks wont be synched till the players rejoin.. not too much of an issue tho.

it would look something like this:

[uVA]Scooby: !srank

:Server Rank 23, [GM]Rider - Points: 540

:Server Rank 24, [uVA]Scooby - Points: 538

:Server Rank 25, Ch34terBoy - Points: 529

these could be PM'd to cut down on spam.

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and now give the example, instead of top3 !rank PsE|GeForce: rank 13 - 500 points?

ive looked into it a little more, i dont think this is something i can make off my head without testing it, ive made something similar before ( a maprank script for top 999 times) i never quite got round to making work 100% (thats why i never released it) but what u need is something very similar.

i havent played mtarace for a while now and i dont have any way to test the scripts i make... plus i dont get much time nowdays either,

leave it with me tho and i'll see if i can come up with something for you.. it might take a while.

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Ok Thanks Very, and I could do this so that save top5 times and additional command ??

listing the top X amount of something isnt easy, especially if u want it to work efficiently.

sure the top 5 can be added to the top 3 alias without too much trouble

this is the basic 3:

if (%b %pwns %1) {
         %3 = %2 | %z = %y | %2 = %1 | %1 = %b | %y = %x | %x = $mta.nick($1,%a)
       elseif (%b %pwns %2) {
         %3 = %2 | %2 = %b | %z = %y | %y = $mta.nick($1,%a)
       elseif (%b %pwns %3) {
         %3 = %b | %z = $mta.nick($1,%a)

As u can see, it wouldnt be too hard to make it show that one extra (top 4), then once one extra is added, another could be added making ur top 5

this scripting is ok i guess for doing a top 5, but as u can imagine, but doing a top 10, these few lines would be huge.

Thats why i wrote a new script, which could easily do the top 50 or top 200 or top 1000 times/ranks/names, the script was pretty smally too.

i had it running on my server for a month or so, then i noticed a few bugs with the ranks starting to appear, eventually i stopped running the script thinking one day i would get round to fixing the bug, however i never did.

eventually most of the people stopped playing in the race server and moved on to DM.

I'll have a look at this if u want a top 5... i should be able to get my head round it without having to test it 8)

Just noticed u were talking about top 5 'times', that might be a little harder but i'll take a look.

*EDIT* Just had a quick look, i always assumed PRS had top3 records for each map, i dont see it tho.

maybe i left it out :roll: , its kind of confusing since ive never used prs. leave it with me anyway and i'll see what i can do.

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Scooby could command me to do !Muteall, which mutates all who are on the server?

I have faith that even u can make this one... by the way,

u might not want to mute yourself if u wish to still have use of the commands in the chat :)

also, this might get a bit spammy if u have a lot of players, it may even timeout some players... if so u might have to add a timer.

in mta.command, somewhere below the first IF line:

elseif (($3 == !muteall) && ($prs.level == 5)) prs.muteall $1 $2

then add this to the bottom of the script:

alias prs.muteall {
 var %a = 0
 while (%a < %loop) {
   if (($mta.nick($1,$a) != $null) && (%a != $2)) {
     mta.mute $1 %a
     !inc %a

irc scripting is getting more wierd to me nowdays since most have moved onto Lua for DM

Hope this works lol :mrgreen:

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