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Discussion: Destruction Derby's

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Okay, I want to start a discussion about Destruction Derby's (DD's). What do you like in a DD?

In my opinion, DD's have to be small and simple. Just like Chess DD for example. Not to many vehicle pickups (Actually, I like it when it have NO vehicle pickups) and not to many with levels.

There are DD's that I just don't call DD's anymore but complete mazes. It has hidden stuff everywhere.

People will drive around looking for how to get the pickups, instead of the point of DD's: Killing eachother!

The people who are not interested in those pickups drive around and bump eachother off. The people who are looking for the pickups, stay alive and win most of the time.

What do you guys think? Like it when it's 'a maze' or when it's just a simple platform?

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I think each one has its own pros and cons.

Sometimes i might like the 'maze' type ones where it actually takes some effort to find and kill a person.

However, i also like plain and simple DD especially if theres a barrel and everyones really close, KABOOM! :D. But then again, some really tight DD can totally suck cos you end up getting raped from all angles and cant move anywhere.

Well thats my 2 cents :lol:

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i just hate dds with respawn

Yea, but I wouldn't exactly want to call a map DD when there's respawn :lol: . There's no point in respawning unless everyone dies at the same time or within the respawn time of all players that died already.

DD maps that have respawn can be considered as mislabelled imo.

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I like:

The original Destruction Derby, that one is the best... I remember when MTA was released, we played that map on a server for like 15 times in a row....

Break, pretty cool and simple.

I don't know the name of this map, its something like break but instead of those models, they use windows. I made a copy of that map cause i couldn't find it but my version is crappy.

So... i like DMs, max size: something like the original Destruction Derby, minimum: really small!

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