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map feature wont work


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thanx for any help i get i'm new to this mtama admin 4.15

i have got my level 10

i have downloaded the map packs installed them into the proper directory

i click on map

the map shows up i see all of SA

then it says looking for and then says not found

the map feature shows no one on the server but it's playing fine and the mirc admin shows people on the server

i cant click on options (it's grey)

did i miss something to enable the map or make files from my maps to go into the mirc admin directory? :oops::P

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i put the map jpg's in the mtama directory they dont work in the map folder

so the map feature in mta ma shows san andreas but when i load a map in the server, the map feature says it cant find that map and then shows race none.

i have tried puting my .map files in every directory i can think of to get this to work so i see a working gps but i cant get it working

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