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Run-time error "76"

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I was reading the forums trying to find a solution and i saw no1 else had this problem so i dont really have any idea what to do and i really really really wanna play because im tired of looking for a good multi player game, and i luvvvvvvvvvved gta 2 + gta 3 and the only thing i think would be better was a multi player gta so plz help me ty.

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After i sent the message to the forum i was messing with it more and i think the problem is the installing it into the gtaiii. I think i did but im not actually sure if i did or did it right so if u can tell us how to do it right it would be a biiiiig help (sry if u already explained this somewhere else and i didnt c it) o and thanx for answering my message so fast. :D

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Ive been searching some more and it seems u need a cd to have the gta3 folder to install mta into it hope not true :( , and if it is does it have to be a computer game of gta3 or can u use the ps2 version of gta3. If it is the ps2 disc im gonna be mad cause ive had that game in my grasp so many times and now i need it its lost. :evil: ty again.

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